maria-theresa fernandes
Public and Private Collections:

Roberta and Howard Ahamson, Orange County,CA,USA
Musees d’ Angers, France
Kent Education Authority, Kent, UK
Dr. Werner Oberli, Basel, Switzerland
Art Gallery of Szombathely, Hungary
Josephine King, Madrid, Spain
Mortensen, Lewis and Scully, Architects, Virginia, USA
Ministry of Lands & Settlement, Nairobi,Kenya
John Barnes Associates, Industrial Designers, Warwickshire,England
Hope Hospital, Salford, England
Robbie Fanning,Open Chain,Menlo,CA,USA
Prof. Alwyn Smith, Manchester,UK
G.R.N’Namdi Gallery, NY,NY,USA
Pamela Campoy,Cozumel, Mexico
Councillor K.Scoresby, London,UK
Jessica Wanamaker, London,UK
Prof. Paul Strickland, John Hopkins University, 
School of Public Health, Baltimore,USA
Dr. Pollo Poussin, Sitges, Spain
and other Private Collections