maria-theresa fernandes


2013:	 Fibreart International, Pittsburgh Centre for the Arts, Pittsburgh, USA
2012:	 European Prize for Applied Art, Mons, Belgium
2011: Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy
2010: The Narcissism of Minor Differences, Maryland Institute of Art, Baltimore, Md, USA
2010:	 The Enchanted Palace, "The Cabinet of Curiosities" Kensington Palace, London, UK
2009:	 5th International Biennial, World Textiles Buenos Aires, Argentina
2009:	 3rd International Mini-Textiles, Szombathely, Hungary
2008:	 Inaugural Exhibition, Preston Contemporary Art Centre, Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA
2008:	 Quilt 2008, Birmingham, Harrogate, Dublin
2007:	 Pfaff International Embroidery Challenge, Alexandra Palace, London
2005:	 Pfaff International Embroidery Challenge, Office of Tourism, Brittany, France
2003:	 Guest Artist, Prism, The Mall Galleries, London
2004:	 “Fighting Back” Amnesty International, Japan
2005:  Art in Embassies, Ankara, Turkey
2006:  Art of the Stitch, The Mall Galleries, London
2007:	 “Celebrating the Stitch” International Embroidery Auckland, New Zealand, Japan.
1999:	 1st International Flag Biennale, Military History Museum, Hungary
1998:	 12th International Exhibition of Miniature Textiles, Szombathely Art Gallery, Hungary
1997:	 5th International Exhibition of Miniature Textiles, Heidelberg, Germany
1996:	 International Exhibition of Miniature Textiles, Museo of Angers, France
1996:	 5th International Textile Competition, Kyoto, Museum of Textiles, Japan
1994:	 The Us and US Exhibition of Textiles, New Zealand